Abstract Submission for 2021 is not open yet.

The word limit for an individual abstract submission is 250 words (excluding title).

Please note that all presenters (poster and oral) with accepted abstracts will be required to pay the conference registration fee.

Abstracts are invited under the following themes:

  • Epidemiology
  • Global Health
  • Public Health Microbiology
  • Novel Surveillance Methods
  • Immunisation
  • Emerging event preparedness
  • Outbreak Management
  • Radiation/Chemical hazards
  • Environmental/climate change issues
  • Other significant health protection issues

A few notes:

Please structure your abstract with subheadings. These could be Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions. Alternative subheadings are acceptable if you feel they are better suited to your abstract.

Please note that at least one of the authors listed on the abstract must be registered to attend the conference. If none of the authors are registered to attend, then the abstract may be removed from the programme by the conference organisers.

While oral presentations may have more than one co-author, generally only one person should deliver each oral presentation itself.

We encourage authors to submit abstracts for presentations which have not been presented previously.

Posters will be on display throughout the meeting. Poster boards are 1.00m wide x 2.00m high. It is recommended that displays do not exceed 1.5m in length. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any posters left after the conference.

Please ensure that you print your poster in the size A0.